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Monday, April 14, 2008

Homework is a good idea!

I like Homework because it helps you learn. If you learn something at school, without homework, you might forget it. After doing your homework your parents can see what you have been doing at school. You get more knowledge while doing your homework. Homework makes you smarter. When you are smart, you make better choices.

Homework educates you. With a good education, you get a good job. A good job leads you to a nice house and a nice car. So as you see, education can really help you in life.

Sometimes homework can even be fun! Like, if you like Math and you think you are good at it maybe you could time how much time you take on one math worksheet. You could try to beat your record every time. If you like writing, you could do the same with writing.

There are so many reasons for liking homework. Homework is great! So it is up to you now, to choose to be intelligent or to just groan about homework every time you see it, or hear about it.